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Pump Stick® Cordless Water Transfer Pump

Pump Stick® Cordless Water Transfer Pump


  • Battery operated pump transfers water at 15 gallons per minute.
  • Compatible with different battery brands by changing the battery adapter plate.
  • Adapter plates fit 18V-20V lithium ion, slide style batteries for some popular brands.
  • Rugged, contractor grade, impact-resistant glass filled polycarbonate parts and aluminum body for durability and strength.
  • Water-resistant, sealed power switch for safety.
  • Secure, magnetic hose connection provides fast, reliable link.
  • Quick change motor to lessen downtime.
  • Multiple screen/filter options to suit the job.
  • Ships with 6 inch, comfort grip handle.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionWeight
CP15-38B08140CP15 Pump with 2Ft Hose and Coarse Screen - Base Model
Battery Adapter Plate and Battery NOT included
CP15-3808141CP15 Pump Complete with 2ft Hose, 18V 4Ah Bosch® for REED Battery & Charger in Case12.05.5
CP15-38E08144CP15 Pump - Export Only6.32.9

More Information

The REED Pump Stick® is a versatile and durable, battery operated transfer pump that provides a portable, jobsite friendly way to remove water. Applications for the battery operated liquid transfer pump are numerous due to the adaptable construction of the pump. Use with operator's own 18V-20V battery by replacing the Battery Adapter Plate with one designed for common, slide style battery models. This battery powered utility pump has a hard shell, aluminum main body shaft outlasts the competition. For safety, the on/off switch is sealed and water-resistant. To keep the impeller operative, choose from multiple screens, strainers and filters to find the right type for the job. REED Pump Stick® cordless water transfer pump (08140, 08141) ships with a 2 foot hose, but adding extra length is easy with the 4 foot and 7 foot hose extensions plus the hose coupling. The battery operated utility pump has extra hoses and hose couplings to complete the set-up for deep pits. Long, slim design allows operator to place the cordless water transfer pump deep into small cavities as the pump is 38 inches from bottom tip to hose outlet. And, Pump Stick is capable of lifting water up to 12 feet above the bottom of the pump. A comfort grip handle at the top brings the pump to 4 feet for operational ease. For extra deep reach, add the optional 24 inch comfort grip handle to bring total pump length to 66.5 inches, tip to tip. Universally useful, the Pump Stick battery operated liquid transfer pump is a must-have for contractors and maintenance departments.

NOTE:  REED Pump Stick is not for use on flammable liquids.

Exclusive Features

Rugged construction of pump, along with screen/filter system and battery adapter plates set this pump apart from any competitive methods.


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