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Positive Grip Pliers

PGP10 (left), PGP12 (right)
Positive Grip Pliers


  • Offset head design reaches into tight areas and allows for better leverage.
  • Top and bottom jaw "v" shape permits pliers to grip a wide variety of shapes.
  • Superior fastener surpasses traditional nut and bolt tightness issues.
  • Pliers offer seven groove positions.


Catalog No.Item CodePipe CapacityLengthWeight
in-nom.actual O.D. mminmmlbskg

More Information

Positive Grip Pliers offer a combination of jaw design, offset head, handle, and tongue-and-groove design. They only requires downward pressure on handle, no squeezing, once pliers are engaged. Smooth tongue-and-groove action makes these the most effective pliers on the market for one-hand operation. Patented rib prevents finger pinching. Positive grip pliers are forged from high quality, high carbon steel and fully heat-treated for long life.

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