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Multi-Purpose Pipe Joiner

Multi-Purpose Pipe Joiner


  • Join gasketed pipe up to 14" nominal diameter.


Catalog No.Item CodeCapacityWeight
in-nom.actual O.D. mmlbskg
PJ414080804 - 14102 - 35534.015.5


NOTE: Not for use with solvent cement joining of plastic pipe.

More Information

PJ414 Multi-Purpose Pipe Joiner allows a basic lever-and-chain approach to joining medium and large gasketed pipe and fittings up to 14” size. It works for PVC, ductile iron, clay tile, cast iron soil pipe and concrete pipe. Use two PJ414’s for heavier pipe. Quarter-inch proof coil chain is rated at 1600 lbs (727 kg). PJ414 pipe joiner comes complete with two 12’ (3.7 m) lengths of chain, two grab hooks, plus a two-piece extendable handle of over 4 feet that allows for a variety of applications.

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