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Mechanical Hot Tapping Machines

Mechanical Hot Tapping Machines


  • Hot tap up to 4” valves on steel, galvanized, copper, brass or PVC pipe. 
  • Pressure rated 300 psi for ambient temperatures or 125 psi for steam systems.
  • Commercial and industrial applications.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionValve SizeWeight
DM3MECH08350Kit with hole saws, arbor, etc. in plastic box3/4" - 4"12.05.5
DM3MECHB08351Base model in plastic box, no hole saws3/4" - 4"10.04.5

More Information

The Mechanical Hot Tapping Machine allows drilling through the pipe wall via fittings inserted into the service saddle or thread-o-let. With the right hole saw, hot tap into steel, galvanized, copper/brass or PVC pipe for up to 4” valves. The main body assembly and shafts provide a watertight seal to allow drilling under pressure (hot tapping). DM3MECH consists of the main body assembly that fits into a 1 ¼” NPT fitting (not provided), along with ½” diameter shafts, hole saws, arbor, coupon retaining drill bit and more. DM3MECHB excludes the holes saws and hole saw arbor. Hole saws are to be used per hole saw manufacturer's recommended RPM with a 3/8" or 1/2” drill motor. Reed's Mechanical Hot Tapping Machine is the tapping machine only with valves, saddles, fittings and piping supplied by the operator.

NOTE:  Not recommended for ammonia, gas or other caustic systems.

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Why Reed

A great deal on a versatile tapping machine that is priced well for the market.


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Parts Diagrams
DM3MECH Parts PDF   (232 KB)
DM3MECH Flyer PDF (131 KB)


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DM3MECH Hot Tapping Machine

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