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Hack Saw

Hack Saw


  • The best quality frame in the upper and medium price ranges.
  • Four permanent mounting pins permit both straight cutting and 45° angle for flush cutting.
  • Room to store spares blades in frame.
  • Uses 12 inch blades.
  • HK1228 ships with BH18 blade; other Bi-Metal Blades available separately.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionBladeThroat Depth (in)Weight
HK122804489High Tension Hack SawBi-Metal Blade3 3/41.20.5

More Information

This versatile, high end hack saw and its replacement blades are adaptable to cut a wide variety of materials including steel, copper and plastic pipe. HK1228 is a high-tension style hack saw with durable steel and aluminum handle construction plus a zinc tightening knob. Hack saw ships with one BH18 bi-metal blade.  The hack saw frame and blades are interchangeable with Stanley®, Lenox®, Starrett®, M.K. Morse® and RIDGID®, among others.


RIDGID® is a registered trademark of RIDGID, Inc. and is not associated with Reed Manufacturing Company.

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Bi-Metal Hack Saw Blades

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