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Universal Pipe Cutter Accessories

UPC Consumables
Universal Pipe Cutter Accessories


Catalog No.Item CodeAccessory
UPHKS40156Hex Key Set
UPNUT97543Arbor Locknut
UPRELPN97545Release Pins
UPHOOK97546Chain Hooks
UPCLA97561Long Arbor
UPHOSE97581Water Tank Hose System
UPOIL97583Air Line Oil, 16 oz. bottle
UPFWEDGE97584Wedges, Pack of 36
UPFGRSGUN97587Grease Gun
UPGREASE97588Gear Grease, 2 oz.
UPWRENCH97590Arbor Wrench
UPDRESS97595Diamond Blade Sharpening Stone
AFRK47506Air Filter Rebuild Kit
UPWTRTK40159Water Tank with Cart, 6 gallon
UPCBG07509Blade Guard Assembly - up to 8” Diameter Blade
UPCBGA97559Blade Guard Assembly - up to 7.25” Diameter Blade

More Information

Includes air line oil, arbor locknuts, arbor wrench, chain hooks, diamond blade sharpening stone, filters, hex key set, motor grease, release pins, water tank hose system and wedges.

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