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Telescoping Tubing Cutters

Telescoping Tubing Cutters


  • Easy action, fold-out reamer, grooved rollers, and spare cutting wheel.
  • Telescoping cutter design is a great choice for tight spaces.
  • Enclosed feed screw keeps cutter at a consistent size throughout the cut.


Catalog No.Item CodeCapacity O.D.Cutter WheelHeavy Duty WheelApplicationWeight
actual O.D. inactual O.D. mmlbskg
TC14[1]034751/4 - 1 3/86 - 357350573515Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel Tubing1.10.5
TC11034801/8 - 1 1/83 - 287501575046Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel Tubing0.70.3

Replacement deburring blade available (Item Code #03473).

More Information

Telescoping Tubing Cutters are a good choice for tight spaces as their feed screw telescopes to advance the cutter wheel to the pipe.  This means the cutters remain a consistent size throughout the cut and do not require extra space. TC11 telescoping tubing cutter with strong, aluminum alloy body and nickel-chrome finish, makes a clean, square cut. Cutter has telescoping feed screw, fold-out reamer, grooved rollers and a spare cutting wheel. TC14 telescoping tubing cutters move smoothly and offer a slide-out, pencil reamer. TC14 features a spare cutter wheel.

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