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Repair Kits for Tubing Cutters

Tubing Cutter Repair Kit
Repair Kits for Tubing Cutters


  • Great choice for distributor repair counters or contractor maintenance departments.
  • Get contractors back to work with these common spare parts for tubing cutters and shears.


Catalog No.Item CodeWeight
1-2 PARTS030090.130.1
3-4-6 PARTS030100.210.1
T10-T15-T20 PARTS030140.190.1

More Information

REED offers a variety of repair kits for tubing cutters. RPRKIT contains the parts, except body, for all Reed TCQ and TCQP sizes 1 through 6. It also contains blades for ratchet and scissor shears. It is a great choice for distributor counter repairs or maintenance departments. Simple field repairs can be handled with 1-2 Parts and 3-4-6 Parts repair kits which are plastic bags containing the most popular parts for Quick Release™ Cutters. Common spare parts for T10, T15 and T20 cutters are contained in T10-T15-T20 Parts repair kit.

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