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Quick Release™ Tubing Cutters - Common Parts





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Catalog No.Item CodeDescription
TC2QAHS 93413TC2QA Handle and Screw
TC3QHS 93423TC3-4-5-6Q Handle and Screw
TC2QD 93426TC2Q Wheel Pin
TC1QD 93427TC1Q Wheel Pin
TC1QZNS 93440Zip Nut Spring for Reed TC1Q, TC1.6Q, TC2Q models
TC3QZNS 93442Zip Nut Spring for Reed TC3Q, TC4Q, TC5Q, TC6Q models
TC346BWP 93445TC3-4-5-6Q Ball Detent Wheel Pin
TC16QR 93628Regular Roller for TC1.6Q/TC1.6QCSST
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