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Quick Release™ Metal Tubing Cutters

Quick Release™ Metal Tubing Cutters


  • Quick Release™ is a REED invention and still the industry standard for metal tubing cutters.
  • Features include quick release, quick advance, and manual advance, along with the ball detent wheel pin.
  • Quick release knob on sliding bar allows fast tool placement or removal on pipe to be cut.
  • Simple cutter wheel change permits cutter use on a wide variety of pipe/tubing types.
  • Built-in reamer and spare cutter wheel in the knob on TC1Q, TC1.6Q, TC2Q.


Catalog No.Item CodeCapacity O.D.Cutter WheelApplicationLengthWeight
actual O.D. inactual O.D. mminmmlbskg
TC1Q[1]034101/8 - 1 5/163 - 33OAluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel Tubing61520.60.3
TC1.6Q[1]034161/4 - 1 5/86 - 42OAluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel Tubing6.51650.950.4
TC2Q[1]034201/4 - 2 5/86 - 67OAluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel Tubing82031.950.9
TC3Q034303/8 - 3 1/210 - 9030-40Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel Tubing112792.51.1
TC3Q2558034393/8 - 3 1/210 - 90R2558Muffler Systems Tubing112792.51.1
TC4Q034401 7/8 - 4 1/248 - 11430-40Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel Tubing123052.81.3
TC5Q2558[2]034592 1/2 - 563 - 125R2558Muffler Systems Tubing133303.01.4
TC6Q034604 - 6 5/8102 - 16830-40Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel Tubing153813.91.8
TC6Q2558034694 - 6 5/8102 - 168R2558Muffler Systems Tubing153813.91.8
TC8Q041586 1/4 - 10159 - 25430-40Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel Tubing266608.03.6

Spare "O" Cutter Wheel in knob.


Change to 30-40 cutter wheel to cut aluminum pipe/tubing with TC5Q body.

More Information

Quick Release™ Metal Tubing Cutters are the best tracking, easiest cutting tubing cutters available. Cut copper, aluminum, light wall steel and stainless steel tubing. With alternate wheels they will cut a wide variety of plastic pipe and tubing, including muffler systems tubing. (Refer to the REED cutter wheel chart for details on cutter wheels for both plastic and metal tubing.) TC1Q, TC1.6Q and TC2Q sliding bars are die-cast zinc aluminum for greater strength. Each of these three metal tubing cutters also features a built-in reamer and spare cutter wheel in the knob. Long-proven TC3Q and larger models with steel sliding bars withstand professional workloads over the long haul.

Video Training XTRA Value

Quick Release™ cutter is a REED invention and still the industry standard for cutting both plastic pipe and metal tubing. REED uses a ball detent or threaded screw for the wheel pin which simplifies wheel changes. No other cutter on the market tracks or cuts as well.

Extra Value

Just change the wheel to cut a wide variety of tubing.

Accessories & Common Parts


Common Parts


The complete collection of Reed Training Videos can be found under the Resources menu.

Quick Release™ Tubing Cutters

Quick Release™ Tubing Cutter Repair Demonstration

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