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Mini Tubing Cutters

Mini Tubing Cutters


  • For use in extremely tight places.
  • Smooth, rounded body contour for comfortable grip.


Catalog No.Item CodeCapacity O.D.Cutter WheelApplicationCutter Swing (in)Weight
actual O.D. inactual O.D. mmlbskg
MC1034701/8 - 5/83 - 1532633Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel Tubing1 1/40.20.1
MC2034901/8 - 15/163 - 24345TAluminum, Brass, Copper1 11/160.30.1
MC2GRIP034931/8 - 15/163 - 24345TAluminum, Brass, Copper1 11/160.40.2
MC3034951/8 - 1 1/83 - 2873505Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel Tubing1 7/80.40.2

More Information

For use in extremely tight places, mini tubing cutters require minimal swing around the tubing. Mini tubing cutters can be used on copper, steel, stainless steel and aluminum tubing. MC2GRIP has rounded corners and edges of the body for a more comfortable grip when rotating the cutter around tubing. After tightening the feed screw, mini tubing cutters work faster by providing a more consistent cutting force on the wheel.

Mini tubing cutters can be used on copper, steel, stainless steel and aluminum tubing in confined spaces. MC2, MC2GRIP and MC3 have zinc die castings for long service life and are painted with durable silver epoxy for corrosion protection. Large high-torque knobs on the MC2GRIP and MC3 provide easy feeding. MC1 needs only 1 1/4” radial clearance, features smallest cutting diameter in the industry and uses a fine screw thread for easy tightening.

Accessories & Common Parts

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Common Parts

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