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Deburring Tool - Inner / Outer

Deburring Tool - Inner / Outer


  • Deburr inner and outer diameters with one tool.
  • Knurled hand grip keeps tool secure in operator’s hand.
  • Used for water service lines, copper pipe installations, plumbing lines, radiant heating and gas lines.



Catalog No.Item CodeCapacityApplicationWeight
in-nom.actual O.D. mmlbskg
DEB200044313/8 - 2 CTS I.D./O.D.
3/8 - 1 1/2 IPS I.D./O.D.
10 - 54 I.D./O.D.Copper, Aluminum, Steel & Stainless Steel1.10.5

More Information

REED’s Inner/Outer Deburring Tool, DEB200, deburrs and reams both the inner and outer diameters using one tool.  This double-ended deburring tool works for copper, aluminum, steel and stainless tubing from 3/8” – 2” (10-54 mm) I.D./O.D.  Multiple cutting edges on the inside of either end provide smooth deburring operation. Knurled rings on the surface allow operator a firm grip during use. The tool is used for copper pipe installation, plus with metal pipe found in water service lines, plumbing lines, radiant heating and gas lines.

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