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Cutter Wheels for Tubing Cutters - Metal

Cutter Wheels
Cutter Wheels for Tubing Cutters - Metal


Catalog No.Item CodeStandard Pack[1]REED CutterBlade Exposure[2]Application
TCKCW0337612TCK3SL; TC5075SLR; TCK50SLR; TCK75SLR; TCK1SLR; TC50SL; TC75SL; TC1SL; TC50SLR; TC75SLR; TC1SLR0.1012.56Copper (K, L & M); CTS CPVC
OSS0365512TC1Q; TC1.6Q; TC2Q; T10; T15; T200.1604.1Stainless Steel
OCSST-20365912TC1.6Q; TC1.6QRGT; TC2Q; TC2QRGT0.2817.1CSST
O0366012TC1Q; TC1.6Q; TC2Q; T10; T15; T20; RT15T1; RT15T2; RT15T3; RTC1.1; RTC1.4 0.1804.6Copper; Aluminum; Brass; Steel
326330366112MC10.1273.2Copper; Aluminum; Brass; Steel
750150366212TC11; TC170.1253.2Copper; Aluminum; Brass; Steel
750460366312TC11; TC170.1253.2Stainless Steel
30-400366512TC3Q; TC4Q; TC5Q; TC6Q; TC8Q0.2506.4Copper; Aluminum; Brass; Steel
345T0366612MC20.1463.7Copper; Aluminum; Brass
R45460366812MC20.1614.1Steel; Stainless Steel
R25580367012TC3Q; TC4Q; TC5Q; TC6Q; TC8Q0.1884.8Muffler Systems Tubing
30-40SS0367112TC3Q; TC4Q; TC5Q; TC6Q; TC8Q0.2506.4Stainless Steel
735050369012TC14; TC166; MC30.1704.3Copper; Aluminum; Brass; Steel
735150369112TC14; TC1660.1704.3Stainless Steel

Cutter wheels sold to distributors in standard package quantities only!


Blade Exposure determines wall thickness capacity of cutter wheel.

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