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Cutter Wheels for Hinged Pipe Cutters


Catalog No.Item CodeStandard Pack[1]REED CutterBlade Exposure[2]Application
HS21/2035024H21/20.3127.9Steel; Stainless Steel
HS4035044H4; LCRC40.3208.1Steel; Stainless Steel
HSI4035054H40.2757.0Steel; Stainless Steel; Cast Iron; Ductile Iron
HS6035064H60.3909.9Steel; Stainless Steel; Copper
HSI6-8035074H6; H80.3508.9Steel; Stainless Steel; Cast Iron; Ductile Iron
HS8-12035084H8; H120.45011.4Steel; Stainless Steel
HX21/2035104H21/20.3839.7Steel; Stainless Steel; Schd 80
HX4035124H4; LCRC40.3839.7Steel; Stainless Steel; Schd 80
HX6035144H60.47612.1Steel; Stainless Steel; Schd 80
HX8035164H8; H120.56714.4Steel; Stainless Steel; Schd 80
HXX8035184H8; H120.68217.3Steel; Stainless Steel; Schd 100
HI4035224H4; LCRC40.2586.6Cast Iron; Ductile Iron
HI6035244H6; H8; H120.41010.4Cast Iron; Ductile Iron
H6PSE5035254H6; H8; H120.40010.2Steel; Cast Iron; Ductile Iron
HSB6035764H6.3909.9Steel; Stainless Steel
2RBCI0362412H21/20.1543.9Cast Iron; Ductile Iron

Cutter wheels sold to distributors in standard package quantities only!


Blade Exposure determines wall thickness capacity of cutter wheel.

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