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2-Pack Cutter Wheels

2-Pack Cutter Wheels


  • Includes two cutter wheels per pack.
  • Cutter wheel is made from high shock-resistant tool steel.
  • Thin profile cuts easily and leaves little burr.
  • Each cutter wheel is heat-treated for toughness.


Catalog No.Item CodeStandard PackREED CutterBlade ExposureApplication
2PK-TCKCW633761 PackTC3SL; TC5075SLR; TCK50SLR; TCK75SLR; TC1SLR; TC50SL; TC75SL; TC1SL; TC50SLR; TC75SLR; TC1SLR0.1012.56Copper (K, L & M); CTS CPVC
2PK-R1032/S635321 Pack5301PD; 5401TMSO0.4511.4Steel, Stainless Steel up to Sch 80
2PK-2RBS636121 Pack2-1; 2-1Q; 2-4WG; 2-3; 2-3Q; 2-4; 5401TMSO; 5301PD0.3007.6Steel; Stainless Steel
2PK-2RBHD636131 Pack2-1; 2-1Q; 2-4WG; 2-3; 2-3Q; 2-4; 5401TMSO; 5301PD0.2967.5HD for Steel; Stainless Steel
2PK-3RG636161 Pack4-1; 4-3; 4-4; 4-4WG0.39910.1Steel, Stainless Steel
2PK-3RGCI636171 Pack4-1; 4-3; 4-4; 4-4WG0.2857.2Cast Iron, Ductile Iron
2PK-2RBCI636241 Pack2-1; 2-3; 2-4; 2-4WG; H21/20.1543.9Cast Iron; Ductile Iron
2PK-OSS636551 PackTC1Q; TC1.6Q; TC2Q; T10; T15; T200.1604.1Stainless Steel
2PK-OCSST-2636591 PackTC1.6Q; TC1.6RGT; TC2Q; TC2QRGT0.2817.1CSST
2PK-O636601 PackTC1Q; TC1.6Q; TC2Q; T10; T15; T20; RTC1.1; RTC1.4; RT15T1; RT15T2; RT15T30.1804.6Copper; Aluminum; Brass; Steel
2PK-32633636611 PackMC10.1273.2Copper; Aluminum; Brass; Steel
2PK-75015636621 PackTC11; TC170.1253.2Copper; Aluminum; Brass; Steel
2PK-75046636631 PackTC11; TC170.1253.2Stainless Steel
2PK-30-40636651 PackTC3Q; TC4Q; TC5Q; TC6Q; TC8Q0.2506.4Copper; Aluminum; Brass; Steel
2PK-345T636661 PackMC20.1463.7Copper; Aluminum; Brass
2PK-R4546636681 PackMC20.1614.1Copper; Aluminum; Brass
2PK-R2558636701 PackTC3Q; TC4Q; TC5Q; TC6Q; TC8Q0.1884.8Muffler Systems Tubing
2PK-30-40SS636711 PackTC3Q; TC4Q; TC5Q; TC6Q; TC8Q0.1604.1Stainless Steel
2PK-73505636901 PackTC14; MC30.1704.3Copper; Aluminum; Brass; Steel
2PK-73515636911 PackTC140.1704.3Stainless Steel
2PK-TC56QPP-R641591 PackTC5Q; TC6Q; TC8Q0.74418.9PP-R including AquaTherm®
2PK-OP2641801 PackTC1Q; TC1.6Q; TC2Q; T10; T15; T200.2556.5ABS; PE; PEX; PP; PEX/AL/PEX
2PK-1-2PVC641841 PackTC1Q; TC1.6Q; TC2Q; T10; T15; T200.2556.5ABS; PVC; CPVC; PVDF
2PK-R5272641861 PackTC6Q; TC8Q0.2957.5PVC, ABS - Standard Wall
2PK-30-40P641901 PackTC3Q; TC4Q; TC5Q; TC6Q0.3438.7ABS; PE; PP
2PK-680PVC641921 PackTC6Q; TC8Q0.57514.6PVC-Standard & Heavy Wall, CPVC
2PK-3-6PVC641941 PackTC3Q; TC4Q; TC5Q; TC6Q0.3779.6ABS, PVC, CPVC - to 4” Heavy Wall
2PK-6QP641981 PackTC3Q; TC4Q; TC5Q; TC6Q; TC8Q0.5514Thick Wall PE
2PK-80P641991 PackTC6Q; TC8Q0.7519.1ABS; PP; PE up to .75" Thick (19 mm)

More Information

Many popular sizes of replacement cutter wheels are now available in a convenient 2-pack pouch. To find the cutters of all manufacturers that these wheels fit, refer to the Cutter Wheel Search found on Reed's homepage.

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