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Ferguson Bundle Promo on REED Cordless Power Drive for Waterworks

February 1 – March 31, 2021

Lightweight yet powerful CPDWW cordless power drive from REED adapts to drilling and tapping machines or attaches to exercise valves. Around 15 pounds, the power drive for waterworks applications is easy to handle and provides impressive torque. For operator safety, there is a motor power kick-off feature.

  • Limited time offer for bundle including CPDWW bare tool PLUS Bosch® battery and charger.
  • Bundle is available only from Ferguson branches in-store or online.
  • Visit www.ferguson.com for details.


Watch CPDWW in action here.


Reed Manufacturing
PO Box 1321
Erie, PA 16512
800-666-3691 or +1-814-452-3691


REED Ferguson Promo FEB MAR 2021

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