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Cutter Wheel Search

Find cutter wheels based on manufacturer, wheel catalog number, cutter model number and Reed item code.

REED Limited Warranty

REED Hand Tools are for the professional trades and are warranted for 1 year or 5 years, depending on the product.

Operator Instructions Library

Browse through product categories to find instructions and operator's manuals for Reed tools. Instructions are also accessible through individual product pages.

Product Parts Library

Browse through product categories to find parts diagrams for Reed tools. Parts pages are also accessible through individual product pages.

Product Flyers

Product flyers in PDF format available for download.

new Reed Catalog N

Reed's newest catalog in PDF format for download.

new Catálogo N en español

La versión en español del catálogo de Reed en formato PDF.

Current Promotions

Check out the latest promotions from Reed!

Discontinued Items

Check Reed's discontinued tools list for recommended alternative products.


Reed Special Features

Throughout the website, various symbols are used to help the visitor identify key points:

exclusive bestever

Reed Best Ever – The tool has been improved over all previous versions. These continuous improvements are advantages to buying Reed.

exclusive features

Reed Exclusive Features – The tool has special features available only from Reed. These meaningful features are advantages to buying Reed.

exclusive sizes

Reed Exclusive Sizes – The tool is available in certain capacities only from Reed. These unique capacities are advantages to buying Reed.

exclusive tool

Reed Exclusive Tool – The tool is unique, available only from Reed, offers operational cost savings or safety features, and at least one advantage to buying Reed.

Metric Sizes web

Reed Metric Sizes – The tool has metric-only sizing. However, Reed offers a wide variety of other tools to fit metric pipe since most tools suit a range of sizes.

exclusive new

New Tool Families are indicated by this symbol. To Reed, “New” means the tool was introduced within the last 12 months.

exclusive onlinevideotraining

Reed Online Video Training – Numerous tools offer training videos through the Reed website or YouTube.

Truck Freight Required

Truck Freight Required - These tools require truck freight due to size or weight.


Next to many of the tools in this catalog, there is a brief statement headed by the term: “WHY REED?” This statement explains why that particular Reed tool is superior to any other on the market, and can be used with confidence to compare Reed products with the competition.

exclusive extravalue

Reed Extra Value – The tool offers extra cost savings over the previous Reed version – or the competitions’.

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