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REED Waterworks Tools at the June 2019 AWWA Conference in Denver, Colorado

Katelynn Guerini
REED's Brian Gunderson discusses the features and benefits of the Pump Stick™ Cordless Power Water Transfer Pump, a 15 gallon/minute pump operated by battery power at ACE 19.

Pump Stick™ Cordless Power Water Transfer Pump

Marnie Caldwell, Marketing Director
Rugged construction of REED Pump Stick™, along with screen/filter system and battery adapter plates set this pump apart from any competitive methods.

Win a Baseball Cap or Pump Stick Accessories Package with REED Pump Stick Photo/Video Contest!

Katelynn Guerini
REED wants to see how you use the Pump Stick™! Submit a photo or video of you using the Pump Stick™ with water, either directly to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages or by tagging us and using the hashtag #PumpedUpWithReed.
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