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Q: How long has REED been making tools?
A: Reed has been a quality hand tool manufacturer for almost 125 years, right in Erie, Pennsylvania. We are a fifth generation, family-owned company.

Q: Does REED manufacture their own tools or does someone else?
A: REED manufactures their own tools with quality workmanship and parts made in the USA. Almost all tools are made right in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Q: Where can I get parts?
A: Parts can be ordered through your local REED distributor. Because there is no minimum order for your distributor, parts are easily available from REED. Find your nearest distributor on-line with the WHERE TO BUY search.

Q: Does REED's building really look like the picture on the back of the new catalog?
A: Yes, in the summer. The peak season for the ivy is summer, when the photograph was taken. The ivy is dormant in late fall and winter, and grows again each spring.

Q: How do you tell the difference between “old style” and “new style” wheel pins?
A: The "old style" wheel pins are a screw type with threads on the end whereas the "new style" wheel pins have a ball detent to hold the pin in place. There are no threads on the "new style" wheel pins. This information applies to TC1Q, TC2Q, TC3Q, TC4Q, TC5Q, and TC6Q Quick Release Tubing Cutters.

Q: Where do I send my orders?
A: Distributor orders can be emailed to reedsales@reedmfgco.com or faxed to +1-814-455-1697 (local and international) or 800-456-1697 (US and Canada).

Q: Can I get a parts breakdown?
A: Parts diagrams are on each product webpage.  Or, access the whole parts collection through the Documents Library.

Q: Can I buy direct from REED?
A: REED sells only through traditional distributors and DOES NOT sell direct to end-users. We ship quickly so that the tools or parts are soon on their way to you! Find the distributor near you by using REED's WHERE TO BUY link or by calling 800-666-3691 (US/Canada) or 1-814-452-3691 (worldwide).

Q: Is there a program available for students?
A: REED offers a vocational/technical school program discount through authorized REED distributors. Distributors and REED provide a cooperative discount to trade schools and their students. Tools should be ordered by a school purchase order or on school letterhead through a REED distributor. Ask your REED distributor to contact REED for program details.

Q: Are there detailed operation manuals available online?
A: Instruction manuals for many tools are available on the product page in the Documents tab or through the Documents Library.  If you need instructions for a tool for which a PDF (downloadable) file has not yet been developed, contact REED at reedsales@reedmfgco.com and specify the tool, along with your contact information. Instruction manuals are added to the website regularly.

Q: What is your average shipping time?
A: 98% of orders ship within three business days.

Q: Are REED cutting wheels interchangeable with other brands?
A: REED offers the largest selection of cutter wheels for our cutters and for those of other manufacturers. REED has an extensive selection of cutter wheels that fit many other cutters - we have more cutter wheels to fit more applications and more brands of cutters than anyone. To find the right REED wheel for your cutter, check out the Cutter Wheel Search.

Q: How can I get a catalog?
A: Pick up a REED catalog from your local distributor or contact REED direct at 800-666-3691 or 814-455-1697 or reedsales@reedmfgco.com. Many people prefer to download a PDF catalog version from the REED website.

Q: How do I find out international prices and availability?
A: Contact REED International Sales/Customer Service at telephone +1-814-452-3691 or email dsulecki@reedmfgco.com.

Q: Will the UPC (Universal Pipe Cutter) cut steel?
A: Yes! As of January 2009, we have two blades that cut steel and PE very well.

Q: Do you have hydraulic UPCs?
A: No.

Q: Will the Saw It (pneumatic air saw) cut ductile iron?
A: No.

Q: Where can I buy REED outside of the United States?
A: Check the WHERE TO BUY on this website. REED offers a great search and provides that search option in a variety of languages.

Q: What is REED's address?
A: SHIPPING ADDRESS: Reed Manufacturing Company, 1425 W. 8th Street, Erie, PA 16502 USA MAILING ADDRESS: Reed Manufacturing Company, PO Box 1321, Erie, PA 16512 USA

Q: What is the current date on the REED price book?
A: January 13, 2019 is the current effective date on pricing for US/Puerto Rico/Canada. For international pricing, the current price book date is February 15, 2015.

Q: How do I submit a warranty claim?
A: To submit a warranty claim contact REED through phone (800-666-3691), fax (800-456-1697) or e-mail (reedsales@reedmfgco.com) and request an RMA (Returned Material Authorization) number. Please have the model number and a brief description of the defect ready when requesting an RMA.

Q: Are parts available for obsolete tools?
A: To check the availability of parts for an obsolete tool, please contact REED at 800-666-3691. Many parts for tools that have been obsolete for over 10 years are no longer available.

Q: Can you use an extension chain on a REED chain wrench?
A: REED does not sell extension chains and does not recommend using them. We do, however, sell replacement chains.

Q: Where can I see REED's Warranty?
A: Find the warranty here: REED Warranty

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