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REED Education & Training


  • Online video training
  • Site visits for live demonstrations
  • Devoted, in-person, local sales support
  • Daily support by phone/email from knowledgeable inside sales associates
  • Annual factory training

Reed Manufacturing believes in the importance of continuing education and training. Reed offers in-depth, on-site training to end-users and distributor sales teams. Live demonstrations ensure that tool users obtain the comfort level needed to be efficient with Reed tools. Demonstrations also give tool users a chance to provide valuable feedback to Reed for product needs and improvement ideas.

To provide our customers with the best service and freshest knowledge, Reed Regional Managers, Manufacturer’s Representatives, and Reed Associates receive annual factory training, along with bimonthly enews updates. The Product Development department engineers, senior Regional Managers, and Reed management give hands-on tool training and marketing sessions annually to keep the whole Reed team up-to-date on established and new products. New Regional Managers are formally trained one-on-one, in-house over a 4-5 week period, to learn the tools thoroughly.

Reed people know the products inside and out. They assemble and disassemble tools in addition to working with the tools in simulated and field situations. The Reed sales team understands tool applications and takes their knowledge to tool users and recommends how to achieve the best results with Reed pipe tools and vises. Reed’s trained salespeople, located across the world, along with our website including online training videos and instruction manuals, extend the training beyond Reed’s Erie, Pennsylvania headquarters.

To request a tool demonstration or consultation, check SALES CONTACTS online, email reedsales@reedmfgco.com or call 800.666.3691 (US/Canada) or 814.452.3691 (International).

View Reed Training Videos.

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