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Industries Served

Reed Manufacturing has been producing pipe tools, vises, cutters, cutter wheels, and more for 125 years! The tools invented have become the standard in worldwide professional trades, from fire and fabrication to waterworks to plumbing and beyond. Including new tool development, REED is committed to making end-user driven improvements and refinements to existing tools, so that our distributors, in any industry, continuously provide cutting-edge tools of the highest quality. For more information about REED, check out our company profile.

Major Industries Served by REED

Fire & Fabrication

REED offers a wide range of tools for contractors working in the fire and fabrication industry. Our line of fire sprinkler tools includes portable roll groovers, hinged pipe cutters, hydrostatic test pumps, and much more. When an industrial or commercial job calls for new or replacement sprinkler systems or repairs, distributors and end-users trust REED for state-of-the-art fire sprinkler tools and pipe fabrication products.

Learn more about the products that REED distributors carry by downloading the Fire Sprinkler Tools flyer.

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Gas Distribution

Safety first is highest priority with REED’s gas line tools. REED pipe tools are ideal for construction, maintenance, and utility services. When working on the installation or maintenance of pipe for distribution lines, our extensive list of gas line tools meets the needs of a multitude of steel and plastic pipe (polyethylene) projects. REED offers some "spark free" pipe tools used for hazardous liquid and natural gas pipelines. Our product line includes Guillotine pipe cutters, PE pipe peelers, hinged pipe cutters, and more.

Download the Gas Distribution Line Tools flyer to view the full list of product offerings carried by our distribution partners.

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Our cutting-edge industrial tool line consists of proven cutters and cutter wheels, large diameter pipe tools, vises, specialty wrenches like the L4N1 ratchet wrench and Extended socket sets, and much more. REED’s appeal to industrial tool specialists is due to the broad line of plumbing tools plus large diameter, proprietary pipe tools and vises for the water, sewer, and gas utilities markets. The pneumatic Universal Pipe Cutter has a 6”– 48” pipe diameter range for ductile/cast iron, steel pipe, PVC and PE plastic pipe and is used by contractors worldwide. Industrial tool specialists, with their ever-growing customer base, like REED products because they are a great fit for most of their local, key, end users.

Those in search of the right REED cutter can use the Cutter Finder to identify the options. To browse our full product line, download the latest version of our Product Catalog.

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Oil/Gas Drilling & Pipeline

As a trusted manufacturer of tools that can be used in oil and gas drilling operations, contractors and drilling companies rely on REED to supply high-quality products to meet industry needs. REED’s line of rotary cutters, hinged pipe cutters, heavy-duty pipe wrenches and chain wrenches up to 84” are often the perfect tool solution for users in the oil and gas drilling industry. REED offers the broadest range of pipe tools and vises since 1896 and specializes in applications for large diameter pipe.

View the full group of Large Diameter Pipe Tools.

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REED offers a deep line of plumbing and HVAC tools for use with installation and repairs. The Clean Ream Extreme® fitting reamer line  is designed to save time and material costs. REED’s tubing cutters for copper and plastic pipe are ideal for plumbing and HVAC jobs. The line includes a variety of deburring tools, tubing benders, and drill-powered hydrostatic test pumps. Known for manufacturing quality products since 1896, REED is a leader in the development of tools for plastic pipe. The broad range of tools for plastic pipe from small to large diameter includes the Bevel Boss® beveling solution. Our distribution partners carry the right REED HVAC and plumbing pipe tools needed to get the job done properly and efficiently.

Visit REED's Plastic Pipe Tools, Cutters & Cutter Wheels and even General Pipe Working Tools sections for a look at industry leading jobsite solutions.

Plumbing sm

PVF/Industrial Process Piping

Industrial process piping moves liquids and gases through pipework systems for the manufacture or processing of goods and materials. Professional grade REED tools are on the forefront of pipe tools used for industrial process piping. Our supply of pipe working tools include large diameter pipe tools, pipe cutters, plastic pipe tools and more.

Our Where to Buy functionality can be used to find a distributor locally or online.

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REED has the waterworks tools that utility companies, municipalities and wastewater plants need to maintain efficient operations. Our collection of tools includes tapping/drilling machines, shut-off tools, universal pipe cutters for up to 48” diameter pipe, valve tools, specialty waterworks wrenches and more.

For a full list of waterworks and wastewater tools that we offer through our local and online distributing partners, download the Waterworks Tools flyer. To see a list of tools suited for waterworks and wastewater projects in rural areas, download the Rural Waterworks flyer.

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