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Core Values

The company culture at Reed Manufacturing is built on shared core values – Decent Human Beings with Energy, Determination, Solutions Focus and Service Orientation.  Decent Human Beings (DHB) bring integrity, dedication and a positive attitude to REED and the community. Energy and Determination shine through people invested and interested in their work and a high-quality outcome. Solutions focused persons propel REED forward in resolving issues and removing obstacles. Service oriented associates put others ahead of themselves for the collective good.

REED uses these principles to guide all decision-making and action within our organization. We review, reward, and recognize REED Associates based on these core values.



Creating solutions that deliver the essentials of civilization


Pipe tool solutions for the professional trades

Core Values


Decent Human Being

Top of the list for REED are DHB people. Decent Human Beings are honest, ethical, kind, approachable and humbly confident. They project a positive attitude with integrity, while being dedicated, reliable, trustworthy and respectful.



REED staff have spark and vitality for building an industrious, enterprising and engaging atmosphere, all channeled toward achieving the REED Purpose.



REED is busy, and hard-working REED people get things done through grit, tenacity and drive, with thoughtfulness toward others,while achieving high-quality results.


Solutions Focus

REED thrives with creative, inventive team players who are proactive, innovative and discerning to solve problems and reach goals.


Service Orientation

REED takes care of our whole community, fostering beneficial relationships with associates, customers, vendors and beyond. REED people exhibit courtesy and responsiveness along with a helpful, customer-focused outlook toward all.

Download REED's Core Values flyer here.

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