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Clean Ream Plus™ plastic pipe fitting reamers are designed
to ream Schedule 40 PVC, CPVC & ABS fittings.

  • Save time and materials by eliminating the need to replace entire sections of pipe.
  • Heat-treated for long life, the cutting disc may be sharpened and/or replaced.
  • Engineered for 250 or more reams.
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Brand-new at Reed is the CUTTER FINDER.  By entering the pipe type and size,
tool users can easily find all the possible Reed cutters that fit that pipe.

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Reed Universal Pipe Cutter (UPC) makes the in-ditch cut for a municipal water project.

  • The UPC handles tough cuts in the trench, underwater or aboveground.
  • Built to cut 6” - 48” nominal diameter (150-1300 mm O.D.) ductile iron, cast iron, clay,
    concrete, steel, PVC or PE pipe – just change the blade.
Deburr.png Chamfer.png DEB1IPS-chamfer.png DEB1IPS-deburr.png 2ToolsIn1.png

A smooth pipe end helps solvent spread evenly as pipe is joined. Reed’s
DEB1IPS-INT Deburring Tools deburr AND produce a clean chamfer to
manufacturers’ standards in one revolution.

  • 2-in-1 tool fits outer diameter on one end and inner diameter on the
    other end. No need to buy two separate tools.
  • Suitable for PVC, CPVC, PE, ABS and PP.
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  • Made from high shock-resistant tool steel, while competitive wheels are made from carbon steel
    or still lower quality tool steel.
  • Thin profile allows them to cut pipe more easily and leave less burr.
  • Reed wheels can be heat-treated for the perfect balance between hardness and toughness to
    make the wheels resist breakage and last longer.
  • Largest variety of cutter wheel line for all types of pipe, tubing and conduit.