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Need to move some water? Use the Pump Stick® to handle
up to 15 gallons per minute. Compatible with several 18V - 20V
slide style battery brands by changing the battery plate adapter.
Secure hose connection gives job confidence.

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Find the Right
REED Cutter

Enter the pipe type and pipe diameter in the CUTTER FINDER.
Tool users can easily find all the possible REED cutters that fit.

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Make the cut

Reed Universal Pipe Cutter (UPC) makes the in-ditch cut for a municipal water project.

  • The UPC handles tough cuts in the trench, underwater or aboveground.
  • Built to cut 6” - 48” nominal diameter (150-1300 mm O.D.) ductile iron, cast iron, clay,
    concrete, steel, PVC or PE pipe – just change the blade.
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PE Pipe Prep

Prepares PE for electrofusion by removing the oxidized layer and
contaminates. PE Pipe Peeler can be used on the edge of the pipe
or anywhere along the pipe. Creates a uniformly peeled surface.

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Pump Stickv2

Pump Stick® Cordless Water Transfer Pump

Pump Stick® from REED with cordless power provides a portable, jobsite friendly way to remove water.

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HPC8+ In Use

HPC8+ Guillotine Pipe Cutter

Updated design of HPC8+ Guillotine Cutter weighs 22% less than prior model. Cuts smoothly through 8” DIPS and IPS for PE, due to expanded capacity.

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Cordless Power Drive for Waterworks

Lightweight with powerful torque, CPDWW cordless power drive is perfect for valve exercising or tapping/drilling projects.

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