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Rapid Cut & Bevel Machine

For US/Canada interested distributors - Distributor Prospect Credit Application PDF 33 KB
Tripod Chain Vise: R450+, R470+ models PDF 348 KB
test JPG 43 KB
Hinged Cutter™ Operating Instructions #50071 July 2011 PDF 2.1 MB
Quick Release™ Tubing Cutter Operating Instructions PDF 916 KB
Saw It® Blade Guides PDF 776 KB
SC49 Soil Pipe Cutter Operating Instructions PDF 121 KB
Soil Pipe Joiner Operating Instructions PDF 133 KB
6 Gallon Water Tank PDF 64 KB
Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL) Instructions PDF 337 KB
2-71 Pipe Reamer PDF 94 KB
TC166 Instructions PDF 17 KB
C Cutters Operator Instructions PDF 32 KB
Oil Bottle Operating Instructions PDF 32 KB
5301PD Power Drive Operator's Manual PDF 2.5 MB
RG1.5 Operating Instructions PDF 78 KB
R811 Universal Die Head Operating Instructions PDF 202 KB
Adjustable Guide Threaders PDF 193 KB
5401CRT Assembly Instructions PDF 603 KB
Copper Shut-Off Tool Operating Instructions PDF 31 KB
Hydrostatic Test Pump Operating Instructions PDF 238 KB
Recommended Procedures for Using Reed Rerounding Tools PDF 19 KB
CSR2 Round It™ Operating Instructions PDF 27 KB
Instructions for Using PL1438 11/2” & PL1750 2” PVC Shell Cutters with Reed Hole Saw Adapter on the DM2000 PDF 48 KB
PVC Drilling Machines - Instructions PDF 661 KB
Standing Shut-Off Tools Instructions PDF 342 KB
601PDTAP Instructions PDF 242 KB
VOK CLUTCH instructions 10_10 PDF 242 KB
Stud Punch Operating Instructions PDF 115 KB
Quad Bender TB3456 Instructions PDF 205 KB
Feed Tap On 2 Inch Iron Body Gate Valve PDF 1.7 MB
Blade Installation PDF 101 KB
Operating Instructions - Reed SFPE Cold Flaring Tools for PE CTS 160 psi water service tubing PDF 60 KB
PES1 Operating Instructions & Safety PDF 662 KB
PJ414 Instructions PDF 118 KB
DM3MECH Operator's Manual PDF 765 KB
TC8QP & TC8QPL Quick Release™ Tubing Cutter for Plastic - TC8QP,TC8QPL Operating Instructions PDF 224 KB
RS1 instructions PDF 380 KB
Self-Feed Bits Instructions NEW STYLE PDF 82 KB
Threaded Rod Cutters Use and Die Change Instructions PDF 197 KB
TW516 or TW38 Operating Instructions PDF 206 KB
BT1 and BT2 Instructions PDF 99 KB
HPC Guillotine Operating Instructions PDF 279 KB
5301PD Power Drive #01122 PDF 3.8 MB
PPJ Instructions - all models PDF 786 KB
Quick Lift Pipe Stand Instructions 11_10 PDF 692 KB
Reed Catalog - Chinese version PDF 7.2 MB
01010 Herramientas industriales (Industrial tools) PDF 1.1 MB
RC30/RC36 Instructions in Japanese PDF 575 KB
Mini Cutters (MC2 and MC2GRIP) Replacement Parts PDF 51 KB
2-4WGA Steel Pipe Cutter with Guides PDF 59 KB
2-71 Reamer PDF 56 KB
Soil Pipe Cutters (SC49 All Models) Replacement Parts PDF 289 KB
Soil Pipe Joiner Replacement Parts PDF 374 KB
Saw It® Vise Parts PDF 64 KB
Saw It® Blade Guides PDF 470 KB
Tubing Cutter Kits Parts PDF 130 KB
Universal Pipe Cutter Replacement Parts PDF 1.6 MB
Hinged Cutters Parts PDF 234 KB
Pipe Descalers Parts Page PDF 57 KB
C Cutters Parts PDF 303 KB
Portable Roll Groovers (RG6CU & RG6S) Replacement Parts PDF 342 KB
5301PD Power Drive Parts PDF 1.7 MB
R12 Ratchet Ring & Handle Replacement Parts PDF 178 KB
R811 Universal Die Head Replacement Parts PDF 332 KB
Oilers Replacement Parts PDF 527 KB
Solid Die, Adjustable Guide Threader Sets PDF 90 KB
5401CRT Machine Cart Parts PDF 450 KB
Pipe Vises (R-Series) Replacement Parts PDF 65 KB
TVCOAT Vise and Tripod Replacement Parts PDF 105 KB
Pipe Welding Vises Replacement Parts PDF 111 KB
#22 Utility Workshop Vises Parts Page PDF 302 KB
Mid-Line Vises Replacement Parts PDF 226 KB
Combination Bench & Pipe Vise (Swivel Base) Replacement Parts PDF 78 KB
Machinists' Vises (Stationary Base) Replacement Parts PDF 79 KB
DM1100/DM2100 Parts PDF 386 KB
PE Water Service Shut-Off Tool (PESO1) Replacement Parts PDF 36 KB
Round It™ Straightener/Rerounder Replacement Parts PDF 193 KB
Standing Shut-Off Tool Parts PDF 725 KB
Copper Shut-Off Tools Replacement Parts PDF 357 KB
Feed Tap - all models PDF 959 KB
Hydrostatic Test Pump Replacement Parts PDF 215 KB
Meter Pit Pumps MP125/MP200 Parts - DISCONTINUED PDF 130 KB
Valve & Curb Keys Matrix PDF 273 KB
Internal Pipe Cutters Replacement Parts PDF 346 KB
Ratchet Shears (RS1 & RS1PTL) Replacement Parts PDF 61 KB
Static Electricity Grounding Accessory Operating Instructions and Replacement Parts PDF 54 KB
Scissor Shears Parts PDF 276 KB
PLAS In-Line Rotary™ Cutters (for PE/PVC) Parts PDF 272 KB
PE Squeeze-Off Tool PES1 PDF 883 KB
Guillotine Pipe Cutter (HPC12) Replacement Parts PDF 509 KB
Tools for Plastic (BT1 Bevel Tool) Replacement Parts PDF 31 KB
PLASOH & PLASOHPE PLAS Hand-over-Hand Parts PDF 535 KB
Quick Release™ Tubing Cutters (TC8QP & TC8QPL) Replacement Parts PDF 103 KB
CV4P Parts PDF 298 KB
Plastic Pipe Joiner (PPJ) Replacement Parts PDF 285 KB
Tools for Plastic (DEB4 Deburring Tool) Replacement Parts PDF 248 KB
Flare Tools for Plastic Water Service Lines Replacement Parts PDF 54 KB
Pipe Wrenches (Heavy Duty) Replacement Parts (before 2012) PDF 39 KB
Chain Tongs (Heavy Duty) Replacement Parts PDF 49 KB
L50 & L51 Ratchet Wrench Replacement Parts PDF 32 KB
Strap Wrench ("A" models) Replacement Parts PDF 198 KB
Operators Wrench Replacement Parts PDF 41 KB
One Hand Wrenches Replacement Parts PDF 229 KB
Internal Pipe Wrenches Replacement Parts PDF 317 KB
PJ414 Pipe Joiner Replacement Parts PDF 55 KB
Tubing Bender Parts List PDF 105 KB
Stud Punch Replacement Parts PDF 139 KB
R40+ Tripod (Yoke) PDF 385 KB
Plastic Pipe Fitting Reamers Parts PDF 253 KB
Electric Hydrostatic Test Pump Parts PDF 2.3 MB
International Distributor Prospect Form - Chinese DOCX 242 KB
SC59 Soil Pipe Cutter Operating Instructions PDF 134 KB
Universal Pipe Cutter Service Bulletin PDF 285 KB
RG26 Series ROLL GROOVER Operation, Maintenance and Service Instructions PDF 552 KB
RGCOMBO2 Operator's Manual #59200 PDF 1.2 MB
5401TMSO Threading Machine Operator's Manual PDF 3.8 MB
Tripod Yoke Vise: R40+ models PDF 384 KB
DM1100/DM2100 Operator's Manual PDF 1.1 MB
MP175-6 Meter Pit Pump Instructions PDF 179 KB
TM1100 Operator's Manual PDF 3.3 MB
CDTM1100/CDTM2100 Operator's Manual PDF 4.1 MB
Instructions for using PL688 & PL875 MFG PVC Shell Cutters with Reed drill Adapter on the DM1000 & DM2000 PDF 15 KB
TB04, TB06, TB08 Tubing Bender Operating Instructions #56450 PDF 289 KB
Feed Tap Operator's Manual 59160 10_13 PDF 3 MB
PLAS In-Line Rotary Cutters Operator's Manual PDF 1.6 MB
PES2 PE Squeeze-Off Instructions PDF 515 KB
RS1PLT Instructions PDF 381 KB
Tubing Cutter (T20 and T23) Replacement Parts PDF 56 KB
Steel Pipe Cutters (2-1, 2-3, 2-4) Replacement Parts PDF 223 KB
Soil Pipe Cutters (SC59 All Models) Replacement Parts PDF 295 KB
Rotary™ Cutters (RC20, RC24) Replacement Parts PDF 210 KB
700APD Pneumatic Power Drive Parts PDF 1.1 MB
5401TMSO Parts PDF 2.7 MB
Yoke Pipe Vises (64, 65 & 66) Replacement Parts PDF 123 KB
Machinists' Vises (Swivel Base) Replacement Parts PDF 86 KB
TM1100 Parts PDF 380 KB
PE Squeeze-Off Tool PES6H PDF 1 MB
Guillotine Pipe Cutters (HPC4, HPC8 & HPC8TN) Replacement Parts PDF 107 KB
PLASOH12 & PLASOH12PE PLAS Hand-over-Hand Parts PDF 536 KB
TC3QP cutters PDF 260 KB
Pipe Wrenches - Parts (2012 - ) PDF 178 KB
L500 Ratchet Wrench Replacement Parts PDF 34 KB
R450+ Series Tripods (R450+, R470+, R45OC, R45OP) Replacement Parts PDF 370 KB
700APD Pneumatic Power Drive PDF 2 MB
RCR3/4 and RCR1 Instructions PDF 55 KB
TB12 Tubing Bender Operating Instructions #56452 PDF 850 KB
Feed Tap Service Bulletin #1 59165 3_13 PDF 42 KB
PES4 PE Squeeze-Off Instructions PDF 379 KB
International Distributor Prospect Form - English DOCX 242 KB
Tubing Cutters (T10, T10SS, T15, T15SS) Replacement Parts PDF 55 KB
TC1.6QCSST Parts page PDF 83 KB
Rotary™ Cutters (RC30, RC36, RC42) Parts PDF 1 MB
Roll Groovers (RG26S & RG26CU) Replacement Parts PDF 242 KB
700PD Power Drive Parts PDF 162 KB
RS2 Ratchet Shears Replacement Parts PDF 252 KB
PE Squeeze-Off Tool PES6M PDF 950 KB
L564 Ratchet Wrench Replacement Parts PDF 35 KB
International Distributor Prospect Form - French DOCX 239 KB
700PD Power Drive Operators Manual PDF 1.8 MB
Chain Wrenches PDF 9.1 KB
Copper Shut-Off Tools PDF 37 KB
Tubing Cutters (TC11, TC11SS, TC17, TC17SS) Replacement Parts PDF 64 KB
701PD Power Drive Parts PDF 72 KB
RS7290 Ratchet Shears Replacement Parts PDF 194 KB
L565 Ratchet Adapter Replacement Parts PDF 33 KB
UPC Pneumatic Operator's Manual #57512 ENG SP FR GER 11_12 PDF 1.5 MB
701PD Power Drive Operator's Manual PDF 107 KB
PES6M PE Squeeze-Off Tool Instructions PDF 326 KB
RS2 Ratchet Shears Maintenance Instructions PDF 406 KB
International Distributor Prospect Form - German DOCX 241 KB
PE Squeeze-Off Tools PES2/PES4 Parts PDF 314 KB
PES8H PE Squeeze-Off Instructions PDF 2.1 MB
RS7290 Ratchet Shears Instructions PDF 336 KB
C Cutters Flyer #01157D 3_12 PDF 1.2 MB
DPHTP500 Bombas de Prueba Hidrostática 10_13 PDF 155 KB
International Distributor Prospect Form - Russian DOCX 239 KB
Reed parts for Ridgid 700 power drive PDF 11 KB
PES8H (Hydraulic) PE Squeeze-Off Tool NEW STYLE PDF 943 KB
PES8M PE Squeeze-Off Instructions PDF 1.5 MB
RSP1 Instructions PDF 394 KB
Combination Drill & Tap Machines 01159 PDF 701 KB
Motopropulsores (power drives) PDF 3.4 MB
International Distributor Prospect Form - Spanish DOCX 238 KB
Cool Threads #01037 PDF 178 KB
PES8M (manual) PE Squeeze-Off Tool NEW STYLE PDF 969 KB
UPC Cortatubos Universales (UPCs) PDF 2.4 MB
Correct Solvent Cement Weld Tips for 636 Systems PDF 841 KB
R12+ & HSS Segmental Dies PDF 4.6 KB
CV4 Chain Vise options INTL 11_11 PDF 146 KB
Meter Pit Pumps PDF 35 KB
DEB1, DEB4 #01096 8_13 PDF 1.3 MB
DM3MECH flyer #01131 PDF 131 KB
DMPVC Flyer #01123 PDF 84 KB
Dual Socket Ratchet Wrenches 1_14 #01094 PDF 826 KB
Dual Socket VALUE LINE Wrenches flyer 11_11R PDF 98 KB
PVC Shell Cutters PDF 5.7 KB
Drilling Machines #01078 PDF 775 KB
Extended Sockets / Deep Well Sockets PDF 73 KB
Feed Tap™ Drilling Machines #01089 3_12 PDF 3.4 MB
Fire sprinkler flyer #01088 PDF 1.9 MB
Gas Distribution Line Tools #01105 10_13 Rev. 1 PDF 1.4 MB
Valve Operators PDF 33 KB
Hinged Cutter flyer #01153 3_09 PDF 393 KB
Hydrostatic Test Pumps PDF 1.7 MB
L4N1 Thru-Bolt™ 4-in-1 Ratchet Wrench #01170 PDF 140 KB
PE Squeeze-Off Tools: PES6, PES8 6_11 PDF 1.5 MB
Plant Services Wrenches flyer #01163 1_11 PDF 1.9 MB
PLAS Hand-over-Hand Cutters flyer 10_12 PDF 168 KB
Plastic Pipe Tools #01027 10_12 PDF 1.6 MB
Plug Into Reed! Electrical flyer #01129 PDF 149 KB
Power Tapping & Drilling flyer #01112 PDF 849 KB
PPR Reamers flyer #01164 3_12 PDF 98 KB
Ratcheting Hydrant Wrenches #01158 12_09 PDF 1.6 MB
RC42 Rotary Cutter PDF 199 KB
RCORP Flyer #01147 PDF 894 KB
RGCOMBO2 flyer #01148 10_08 PDF 1.4 MB
RGCOMBO2 SPANISH #01149 10_08 PDF 1.5 MB
Rotary Cutters & Low Clearance Rotary Cutters #01154 3_09 PDF 746 KB
Rural Water Tools #01128 PDF 2.4 MB
Saw It® flyer #01011 7_12 PDF 1.7 MB
Self Feed Bit Flyer #01146 PDF 464 KB
Tap/Drill flyer #01038 4_11 PDF 1.1 MB
Threaded Rod Cutters 6_12 PDF 143 KB
Threading Machine 5401TMSO flyer #01090 2_11 PDF 524 KB
TM1100 Flyer #01067 PDF 2.4 MB
Tripod Flyer with R470+, R450+ PDF 2.9 MB
Tubing Cutter Repair Kit LID CHART PDF 41 KB
Universal Pipe Cutters (UPC) flyer #01025 PDF 1.2 MB
Valve Tools flyer #01152 8_10 PDF 2 MB
Tubing Cutter Repair Kits #01001 PDF 130 KB
Waterworks Tools #01058 10_13 PDF 870 KB
Brochure JPG 3.1 KB
HPC Guillotine Operating Instructions PNG 22 KB
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