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  • Adjustable wrench end for hex or packing nuts with the other end for O-style valve wheels.
  • Combines two tools needed for regular maintenance and valve operation.

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Exclusive Tool
Katalog-ZahlArtikel-CodeKapaz. Schlüssel Länge Gewicht
Zoll-Nennwt. mm Zoll mm Pfund kg
A8VO 0280815/16 23.8 8.4 213 0.6 0.3
A10VO 028101 1/8 28.5 11 267 0.9 0.4
A12VO 028121 7/16 36.5 12.4 315 1.5 0.7

Valve Packing Wrenches are combination tools that help maintain valves without stripping the nuts or gouging the wheel rims. One end is an adjustable wrench while the other end provides leverage to turn valve wheels with up to 5/8” thick rims. They fit O style valve wheels. The adjustable wrench end is great for hex nuts including packing nuts on valve stems. Valve packing wrenches are lightweight for easy portability.

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