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  • Two tools in one: serves as a pipe wrench and a valve wheel wrench.
  • Lightest operator's wrench available – carry it all day long.
  • Smooth valve wheel wrench openings protect hands from sharp burrs.

Bei Ihrem Händler Reed

Katalog-ZahlArtikel-CodeRohrkapaz. Länge Gewicht
Zoll-Nennwt. Tats. AD in mm Zoll mm Pfund kg
RF10 021211/8 - 1 10 - 33 10 254 1.2 0.5
Why Reed

Keep this lightweight wrench handy all day!

Double-ended RF10 Operator's Wrench has forged alloy steel pipe wrench jaws on one end and a V0 size valve wheel wrench hook on the opposite end. Cast alloy steel RF10 is designed for gripping pipe, test plugs or bull plugs. Hook end assists in opening and closing valves while length of operator's wrench provides for needed leverage. The hook end fits hand valve wheels (up to 5/8” rims) without gouging the wheel. OSHA inspectors can assess penalties for using a pipe wrench on a valve wheel rim as wrench teeth can leave sharp burrs on the wheel rim, which result in hand injuries. Use of the RF10 operator's wrench prevents these problems. Handle is painted with chemical-resistant powder coating.

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