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Per Bohrmaschine angetriebene hydrostatische Testpumpe


  • Powered by a ½” electric or cordless 18V drill (not included).
  • Lightweight since the power source is separate.
  • No drop cord needed when used with a cordless drill.

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Katalog-ZahlArtikel-CodeStromquelle Max. Kapaz. Gewicht
Gallonen/Min. l/Min. PSI Bar Pfund kg
DPHTP500 08177Drill-powered (drill not included) 1.3 4.5 500 34 8.5 3.9

Use of a cordless drill for power keeps weight off this hydrostatic test pump, making it lightweight and portable. Included high pressure hose allows for filling the system and features quick disconnect. This 15 foot hose allows the pump to be set in a convenient location instead of being held next to the worksite. DPHTP500 uses a 1/2” chuck on an electric or cordless drill 18V or higher, capable of 1500 RPM (drill not included). These pumps are designed for pressure testing both residential and commercial water systems.

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Bohrmaschinenbetriebene hydrostatische Testpumpe

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