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  • Designed for one-hand operation.
  • Built-in stop prevents hand injuries.
  • Abgewinkelte Schneidstahlspitze, Wasserpumpenzangen-Prinzip.

Bei Ihrem Händler Reed

Katalog-ZahlArtikel-CodeRohrkapaz. Länge Gewicht
Zoll-Nennwt. Tats. AD in mm Zoll mm Pfund kg
WPP10 026502" pipe, 1 1/2" slip nuts 63 10 255 0.9 0.4

Water pump pliers have a forged, slip joint design for one-hand operation. Pipe-wrench-style milled teeth, traditional 32° angle nose and zinc plating which inhibits corrosion. Water pump pliers are large enough to handle 1 1/2” slip nuts on traps and have maximum capacity of 2” nominal. Handles are always parallel, even with jaws fully extended.

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