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Lochsägen für DM3MECH

Lochsägen für DM3MECH


  • Standard design, bi-metal hole saws are interchangeable with major brands.
  • Hardened steel teeth.


BMHS10435005/8" diameter Hole Saw
BMHS14435017/8" diameter Hole Saw
BMHS18435021 1/8" diameter Hole Saw
BMHS22435031 3/8" diameter Hole Saw
BMHS28435041 3/4" diameter Hole Saw
BMHS36435052 1/4" diameter Hole Saw
BMHS52435063 1/4" diameter Hole Saw

Weitere Informationen

Bi-metal hole saws work well for steel and copper pipe. They fit both the DM3MECH and the Hole Master®. All of these hole saws feature a 1 1/2" cut depth.

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