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  • Schneidet Gusseisen mit großem Durchmesser,  Ton, Beton, Stahl, PVC oder PE Rohre.
  • Schneider kann durch Einsatz verschiedener Schneidscheiben für unterschiedliche Anwendungen umgerüstet werden.

Bei Ihrem Händler Reed

Truck Freight Required Video Training
Katalog-ZahlArtikel-CodeØ Rohr Anwendung Bruttogewicht [1]
Zoll-Nennwt. Tats. AD in mm Pfund kg
UPC636A 075106 - 36 150 - 1000 Gusseisen/duktiles Gusseisen, Ton, Beton, CPVC, PE, PVC Kl. 40, PVC C900 & C905, Stahl Kl. 40 131 59.5
UPC648A 075116 - 48 150 - 1300 Gusseisen/duktiles Gusseisen, Ton, Beton, CPVC, PE, PVC Kl. 40, PVC C900 & C905, Stahl Kl. 40 138 62.7
UPC616A 075126 - 16 150 - 450 Gusseisen/duktiles Gusseisen, Ton, Beton, CPVC, PE, PVC Kl. 40, PVC C900 & C905, Stahl Kl. 40 89 40.5
UPC616AP [2]075136 - 16 150 - 450 PVC Sch. 40, C900/C905, CPVC 75 34.1
UPC836APE [3]075178 - 36 200 - 1000 PE, HDPE 101 45.9
UPC848APE [3]075188 - 48 200 - 1300 PE, HDPE 106 48.2

Die schwerste Schneiderkomponente wiegt nur 13 kg. Die vorhandenen Gewichte umfassen alle Elemente und den Stahl-Werkzeugkasten.






Must order REQUIRED blades SEPARATELY.

UPC836APE, UPC848APE come with two blades.


NOTE: Universal Pipe Cutters must ship via truck freight.

Why Reed

The Reed UPC is lightweight; cuts fast; requires only 12” (300 mm) clearance around the pipe; provides a square cut virtually every time; and can be operated underwater. It is by far the safest, easiest and fastest power cutter to setup, operate and maintain, which nets a low operating cost.

Lightweight, easy-to-use Universal Pipe Cutters (UPC) are available to cut 6” - 48” nominal diameter (150-1300 mm actual O.D.) ductile iron, cast iron, clay, concrete, steel, PVC, or PE pipe. NOTE: When cutting steel pipe with the steel blades, sparks are possible and expected. Because of the sparks, the UPC cannot be used for cold cuts. Reed Universal Pipe Cutters are pneumatic powered. The lower cost UPC616A uses the same motor as the others, but does not need connecting frames. The UPC616 is shipped in a steel toolbox with a three-gallon, formed-steel water tank. The UPC636A and UPC648A UPCs come in a steel toolbox with a 6-gallon, stainless steel water tank and cart.


UPC836APE and UPC848APE are designed specifically for cutting PE pipe. The kit includes a 6" and 8" carbide tipped blade. The 8" blade will cut large diameter PE pipe with a wall thickness up to 2.65" (67mm). UPC836APE and UPC848APE also come in a steel box but without the water tank.


Standard Equipment

Standard EquipmentUPC616AUPC636AUPC648AUPC836APEUPC848APE
Power Cutter with 1.7 H.P. Motor
Chain/Turnbuckle Assembly ✓cut up to 16"
Connection Frames & Chain to cut up to N/A 36" 48" 36" 48"
Filter/Regulator/Lubricator with Stand
Water Tank 3 gallon 6 gallon w/cart 6 gallon w/cart    
Carrying Case
Air Motor Oil
Grease Gun
Hex Key Wrench Set
Open End Wrenches
UPCSTEEL6 6” blade      
UPCPE8 8” blade      


Universal Pipe Cutter Power Requirements

Maximum R.P.M. 3675
Air Consumption 50 cu. ft./min (1.4 cu. m/min.)
Pressure  90 P.S.I. Maximum (6 BAR)
Shut-Off 3/4" Ball Valve
Air Supply Fittings 3/4" Dixon "Air King" Coupling


UPC motor reconditioning/refurbishing is available. Please send motor “freight prepaid” to our factory. Reed will handle forwarding to appropriate manufacturer. Hydraulic motor repairs are priced on a case by case basis; pneumatic motor repairs are flat rate. Complete UPC cutters can also be reconditioned / refurbished. UPC cutters should arrive freight prepaid at our factory. Quotes will be issued upon inspection of the unit and labor charges apply. Call 800-666-3691 for a return authorization number.

Die gesamte Kollektion der Reed Schulungsvideos finden Sie im Menü „Ressourcen“.


Universal-Rohrschneider auf PE (Polyethylen)

Universal-Rohrabschneider auf Stahlrohr

UPC Testimonial

UPC in use Calgary, AB

UPC in use Calgary, AB

UPC in use in Calgary, AB

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