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  • Large grip knob for hand comfort during use.
  • Internal reamer in T10 and T15 grip knob for operator convenience.
  • For lighter weight, T20 features aluminum construction.

Bei Ihrem Händler Reed

Katalog-ZahlArtikel-CodeKapaz. AD Ersatzschneidräder [1]Anwendung Gewicht
Tats. AD in Zoll Tats. AD in mm Pfund kg
T10 034831/8 - 1 3 - 25 O Rohre (Alu, Messing, Kupfer, Stahl) 0.9 0.4
T15 034853/16 - 1 1/4 4 - 32 O Rohre (Alu, Messing, Kupfer, Stahl) 1.3 0.6
T20 [2]034875/8 - 2 1/8 15 - 54 O Rohre (Alu, Messing, Kupfer, Stahl) 1.3 0.6

Um Kunststoffrohr zu schneiden, bestellen Sie das empfohlene Schneidrad für Kunststoff separat.


Approved for use at AWWA Tapping Contest.

Why Reed

Tubing cutters are a simple, durable design.  Each tubing cutter has a screw feed with a large grip knob to make it easier to tighten the cutter.  T10 and T15 cutters are zinc alloy construction with a built-in reamer for convenient cutting and deburring. T20 cutter is larger but light due to its aluminum construction. T20 cutter features a fold-out reamer. Wide rollers on all three cutter models yield a square cut while thin cutter wheel profile ensures a quick, clean cut.


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