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  • 合金钢质替换部件适用于最苛求的应用情境。
  • 为RIDGID® 60英寸铁质管钳的直接替换部件。


品名订货号描述 替代 RIDGID® 部件号码 重量
RW60C 92179Heel Jaw & Pin 31775 1.2 0.5

Forged alloy steel replacement pipe wrench parts meet the most demanding applications. These high quality components are direct replacement parts for the RIDGID® 60” iron pipe wrench. Heel jaw fits both hook and handle.

Reed pipe wrench parts are interchangeable with most major, heavy-duty U.S. brands (including RIDGID®) of straight, 45° offset and end wrenches from 18” - 48”. Parts available include hook jaw, heel jaw and pin, coil and flat spring, and nut.

RIDGID® is a registered trademark of Ridgid, Inc. and is not associated with Reed Manufacturing Company.

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