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NEWPump Stick™ 无线动力输水泵


  • 15 加仑/分钟的泵,由锂电池提供动力。
  • 通过更换电池转接板,可以兼容各种电池品牌。
  • 适配板适用电压范围为 18V-20V 的常见品牌滑入式电池。
  • 坚固耐用的承包级产品,零件采用耐冲击的填充玻璃纤维聚碳酸酯材料,铝质本体耐用性好、强度大。
  • 产品防水,为了安全,将电源开关密封。
  • 稳固的磁性软管接头提供快速、可靠的链接。
  • 快换式马达,减少了故障停机时间。
  • 多种滤网/过滤器选项,根据应用任务进行选择。
  • 配有 6 英寸舒适握住刀柄。


品名订货号描述 重量
CP15-38B [1]08140CP15 Pump with Battery Adapter Plate for Bosch® & 2Ft Hose - Base Model
Battery NOT included.
4.5 2.0
CP15-38 [1]08141CP15 Pump Complete with 2ft Hose, 18V 4Ah Bosch® for REED Battery & Charger in Case 12.0 5.5
CP15-38E 08144CP15 Pump with 2Ft (0.6 m) Hose - Export Model - Battery Adapter Plate and Battery NOT included


Why Reed

Rugged construction of pump, along with screen/filter system and battery adapter plates set this pump apart from any competitive methods.

Versatile, durable REED Pump Stick™ with cordless power provides a portable, jobsite friendly way to remove water. Applications for the battery operated liquid transfer pump are numerous due to the versatile construction of the pump. Use with operator's own 18V-20V battery by replacing the Battery Adapter Plate with one designed for common, slide style battery models. Hard shell, aluminum main body shaft outlasts the competition. For safety, the on/off switch is sealed and water-resistant. To keep the impeller operative, choose from the multiple screens, strainers and filters to find the right type for the job. REED Pump Stick ships with a 2 foot hose, but adding extra length is easy with the 4 foot and 7 foot hose extensions plus the hose coupling. Long, slim design allows operator to place the cordless water transfer pump deep into small cavities as the pump is 38 inches from bottom tip to hose outlet. And, Pump Stick is capable of lifting water up to 12 feet above the bottom of the pump. A comfort grip handle at the top brings the pump to 4 feet for operational ease. For extra deep reach, add the optional 24 inch comfort grip handle to bring total pump length to 66.5 inches, tip to tip. Add extra hoses and hose couplings to complete the set-up for deep stretches. Universally useful, the Pump Stick is a must-have for contractors and maintenance departments.

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Pump Stick™ 蓄电池式水泵演示

Pump Stick™ 蓄电池式水泵电池适配板演示

Pump Stick™ 蓄电池式水泵介绍

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