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  • The 1,000 lb (454 kg) capacity ball transfer attachment (JTA) with replaceable ball casters bolts to either side of v-head models.
  • V-HEAD and ROLLER HEAD options are interchangeable on any of the three pipe jacks Reed offers.
  • Ball transfer head JTA attaches to RIDGID® and Sumner® models while all Reed heads and bases interchange with Sumner® and Greenlee®.


品名订货号描述 载重量 管径 重量
千克 英寸 毫米 千克
JTA 06351Ball Transfer Head Attachment (pair) 1000 455 3/8-12 10-300 4.6 2.1
V-HEAD 96371V-Head Depends on Jack Depends on Jack 1/8-36 3-914 6.4 2.9
ROLLER HEAD 96372Roller Head Depends on Jack Depends on Jack 1 1/4 - 24 32-610 9.9 4.5
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