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Cordless Power Pipe Beveler Accessories

Cordless Power Pipe Beveler Accessories


  • Portable pipe beveler uses cordless power source to deburr and bevel plastic pipe quickly.
  • Adjustable beveler creates external bevel on 2" and larger diameter plastic pipe.   
  • Long-lasting carbide router bit with four flutes and high RPMs for fast, smooth cuts.   
  • Ideal for large diameter plastic pipe.
  • Optional accessory beveler shroud CPBIDS rapidly bevels 2” and larger internal diameters.


CPB04641Adjustable Beveler Attachment with Router Bit (Die Grinder & Battery not included)
CPBCOLLRT44646¼” Collet with Nut
RBIT2SHD44651Kit includes #44648 1” Router Bit and #94643 O.D. Shroud for 6” Diameter and Larger, Gasketed Plastic Pipe
CPBS94643Beveler Shroud for exterior bevel on plastic pipe 2" or larger