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Ratcheting Hydrant Wrenches


  • Save valuable time with wrench's ratchet action and quick-adjusting socket.

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Catalog No.Item CodeCapacity Pentagon Capacity Square Overall Length Handle Length Weight
in mm in mm in mm in mm lbs kg
HWFR 023971 3/4 42 1 1/4 32 18 457 13 330 4.4 2
Why Reed

HWR needs just 14 degree swing which is excellent for use in tight spaces.

Stubborn hydrant nuts beware, Reed’s Ratcheting Hydrant Wrenches feature long-handles and an adjustable, snug-fitting socket for tackling pentagon or square nuts. Make loosening or tightening easier as the long handles provide good leverage. Sockets adjust easily with the thumb screw feature. Ratchet action makes these wrenches faster to operate than non-ratchet models during emergencies or for general maintenance like flushing. Reed’s models fit pentagon nuts up to 1 7/8” or square nuts up to 1 ¼”. Reduce valuable time on hydrant work by using Ratcheting Hydrant Wrenches.