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Valve & Curb Keys


  • Compact size fits in crowded utility trucks, behind pickup seats, or in car trunks.
  • A Reed VK2 or VK3 also saves the space, expense, and handling of 1 or 2 other single purpose keys.
  • Wide choice of attachable tools allows users to customize to their systems.
  • As a safety feature, Reed valve keys bend before they break.

Local or Online

Catalog No.Item CodeDescription Closed Length Open Length [1]Weight
in mm ft meters lbs kg
VKA 02340Adjustable Valve Key for 2" Square Nut on Mains 45.5 1156 6' 8" 2.03 14.4 6.5
VK2CK1 02346Main Valve Key + 1" Curb Key 45.5 1156 6' 8" 2.03 14.4 6.5
VK2CK2 02347Main Valve Key + 2" Curb Key 45.5 1156 6' 8" 2.03 14.5 6.6
VK3CK1WHL 02353Main Valve Key + 1" Curb Key + valve wheel 2 prong tool 45.5 1156 6' 8" 2.03 15.3 7.0
VK3CK1ROD 02356Main Valve Key + 1" Curb Key + 3/8" slotted tool for curb box rods 45.5 1156 6' 8" 2.03 18.7 8.5
VK3CK1CK2 02357Main Valve Key + 1" Curb Key + 2" Curb Key 45.5 1156 6' 8" 2.03 18.4 8.4
VK3CK1EXT 02358Main Valve Key + 1" Curb Key + Extension shafts for additional 6' reach 45.5 1156 12' 7" 3.84 25.7 11.7
VK6KIT 02368Kit contains parts to make all VK2 and VK3 variations, using the VK3 uppershaft. VK6KIT contains 32340 (8) and (1) each 92339, 92347, 92342, 92346, 92345, 92349, 92358, 92360 45.5 1156 12' 7" 3.84 42.5 19.3
VKEXT 92358Valve Key Extension 72.0 1829 6' 1" 1.85 11.3 5.1

Open Length represents the key as sold, without any extra pieces.

Why Reed

When it comes to turning gate valves in the street and curb stop valves to buildings, Reed's selection of Valve Keys is the most complete and compact around.


VK6KIT features the six most popular keys in one convenient kit.

Reed Valve Keys are built for strength and durability. Upper shafts are made from heavy-gauge, mechanical steel tubing. Curb key ends are machined from solid steel. Valve keys have a telescoping design. When telescoped in, they are under 4 feet long and fit easily in small utility trucks, behind pickup seats, and in car trunks. When telescoped out, lengths of 5 feet to 7 feet are possible. VKEXT shaft is available to further extend the keys. For greater control and versatility, a variety of tools can be used on the end of T handles to turn curb stops. Optional clip-on tools can be used to turn small valve wheels, curb box rods, pentagon bolts, and Buffalo box lids. Reed customers can choose valve keys according to the needs of their systems. The VKA45 is an adjustable valve key for mains with the curb key at a 45 degree angle. This angle provides a visual indication of a ball valve’s open or closed status. The handle lines up with the pipe when the valve is in the open position. The handle crosses the pipe (seeming perpendicular) with the valve in the closed position. VK916PENT fits gas company curb stops and lids with its 9/16” pentagon key. VKEXT is an extension bar with three positions that can be used on most Reed valve keys for up to 6 feet (1829 mm) of extra reach. VKKIT uses the VK3 upper shaft to create all VK2 and VK3 variations of valve keys.


Valve & Curb Keys Matrix