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Power Units for Tapping/Drilling


  • Add power to your drilling and tapping, and save hours of hand-cranking.

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Catalog No.Item CodeDescription Weight
lbs kg
601PDTAP 05246601PD Tapper with 13/16" Adapter 17.0 7.7
700PDTMPDA 05276700PD and TMPDA adapter 34.0 15.5
700PDA15/16 05279700PD Power Drive and 15/16" square drive adapter 33.7 15.3
700APDTMPDA [1]05266700APD (pneumatic) and TMPDA adapter 50 22.7


Economical 601PDTAP power tapping/drilling machine is a portable, electric-motor-driven, lightweight, good value power drive. 601PDTAP specifically powers the Reed DM1100, DM2100, TM1100, CDTM1100, and CDTM2100 models including all variations. Plated metal bar reinforces the plastic handle to protect the housing from excess torque. The 700PDTMPDA power tapping/drilling machine is a heavy-duty workhorse designed for constant, everyday use and consists of the 700PD Power Drive and the TMPDA adapter. The TMPDA fits the 13/16” boring bar that is common on popular drilling and tapping machines. The operator manually turns the star feed on the tapping or drilling machine while the 700PD power drive adapter turns the boring bar. The 700PD15/16 can be used with Ridgid® 141/161 geared threaders to thread 2 1/2” through 6” pipe or can be tightened down to fit Reed's tap/drill machines.

601PDTAP adapter NOT sold separately.