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Product Flyers

File NameFile TypeFile Size 
700PD #01110PDF416 KB
01160 636 SolutionsPDF1.2 MB
5301PD Power Drive #01122PDF3.8 MB
C Cutters Flyer #01157D 3_12PDF1.2 MB
Combination Drill & Tap Machines 01159PDF701 KB
Cool Threads #01037PDF178 KB
Correct Solvent Cement Weld Tips for 636 SystemsPDF841 KB
custom-flyers-pdf.pdfPDF3.6 KB
Cutter Wheel Chart #01103PDF1 MB
CV4 Chain Vise options INTL 11_11PDF146 KB
DEB1, DEB4 #01096 8_13PDF728 KB
DM3MECH flyer #01131PDF131 KB
DMPVC Flyer #01123PDF84 KB
DPHTP500 Drill Powered Test Pump 9_13PDF179 KB
Drilling Machines #01078PDF775 KB
Drill Powered BevelersPDF143 KB
Dual Socket Ratchet Wrenches 1_14 #01094PDF826 KB
Dual Socket VALUE LINE Wrenches flyer 11_11RPDF98 KB
EDSK5 flyer 2 14PDF138 KB
Extended Sockets / Deep Well SocketsPDF73 KB
Feed Tap™ Drilling Machines #01089 3_12PDF839 KB
Fire sprinkler flyer #01088PDF1.2 MB
Gas Distribution Line Tools #01105 10_13 Rev. 1PDF1.2 MB
HCB-200 Hole Master #01162PDF1.9 MB
Hinged Cutter flyer #01153 3_09PDF393 KB
Hydrostatic Test PumpsPDF1.7 MB
L4N1 Thru-Bolt™ 4-in-1 Ratchet Wrench #01170PDF140 KB
LCRC4 Low Clearance Rotary Cutters 6_14PDF156 KB
PE ScraperPDF164 KB
PE Squeeze-Off Tools: PES6, PES8 6_11PDF2.4 MB
PEX Tools flyer #01151 1_13PDF2.1 MB
Plant Services Wrenches flyer #01163 1_11PDF1.9 MB
Plant Services Wrench Flyer - EspañolPDF2.1 MB
PLAS Hand-over-Hand Cutters flyer 10_12PDF168 KB
Plastic Pipe Tools #01027 10_12PDF1.5 MB
Plastic Pipe Tools 636, Deburring, PPR #01095 2_12PDF1 MB
Plug Into Reed! Electrical flyer #01129PDF149 KB
Power Drive Adapters flyerPDF213 KB
Power Tapping & Drilling flyer #01112PDF849 KB
PPR Reamers flyer #01164 3_12PDF203 KB
Ratcheting Hydrant Wrenches #01158 12_09PDF1.6 MB
RC42 Rotary CutterPDF199 KB
RCORP Flyer #01147PDF894 KB
Reed RG26 Roll Groovers Description and SpecificationsPDF362 KB
RGCOMBO2 flyer #01148 10_08PDF1.4 MB
RGCOMBO2 SPANISH #01149 10_08PDF1.5 MB
Rotary Cutters & Low Clearance Rotary Cutters #01154 3_09PDF746 KB
RSP1 FlyerPDF85 KB
Rural Water Tools #01128PDF1.5 MB
Saw It® flyer #01011 7_12PDF631 KB
Self Feed Bit Flyer #01146PDF464 KB
Solutions Kits for Plastic Pipe #01160PDF1.2 MB
Solutions Kit TC2PPDEB1-2SK 5_13PDF161 KB
Tap/Drill flyer #01038 4_11PDF1.1 MB
Tapping/Drilling Spec Sheets #01071PDF522 KB
Threaded Rod Cutters 6_12PDF143 KB
Threading Machine 5401TMSO flyer #01090 2_11PDF524 KB
TM1100 Flyer #01067PDF2.4 MB
Tripod Flyer with R470+, R450+PDF2.9 MB
Tubing Cutter Repair Kit LID CHARTPDF41 KB
Tubing Cutter Repair Kits #01001PDF130 KB
Universal Pipe Cutters (UPC) flyer #01025PDF1.2 MB
Valve Tools flyer #01152 8_10PDF589 KB
VKSK Socket Kit flyer #01150 3_11PDF138 KB
Waterworks Tools #01058 10_13PDF870 KB
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