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Plastic Pipe Saws


  • Cuts ABS, CPVC, and PVC including C900 and larger diameter plastic such as 6” and 8” sewer pipe.
  • PPS20 and PPS24 feature 11 teeth per inch and a unique pattern create a bite that does not chatter on plastic or wood in the push or pull of the saw blade.
  • Ergonomic-designed handle on PPS20 and PPS24 with large radius contours for hand comfort.
  • Die cast design of handle on PPS12 and PPS18 makes blade change fast and easy.

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Catalog No.Item CodePipe Capacity Length Weight
Inches - Nominal Actual Ø mm in mm lbs kg
PPS12 045123 75 12 305 0.6 0.3
PPS18 045104 100 18 457 0.7 0.3
PPS20 047206 150 20 508 1.0 0.5
PPS24 047248 200 24 610 1.1 0.5

Reed’s plastic pipe saws are specifically designed to cut plastic pipe. The composition of plastic pipe, especially PVC, tends to be very abrasive, hence, saws designed to cut only wood become dull very quickly. It is therefore necessary to make saws with the proper profile, set and hardness to most effectively cut plastic pipe. PPS plastic pipe saws offered by Reed in 12” and 18” lengths respond to this need while offering a competitive price and replaceable blades. PPS20 and PPS24 are longer blade saws also with replaceable blades. Plastic pipe saws cut Schedules 40 and 80 PVC, CPVC, C900, ABS, along with wood. All four models are designed to cut on both the forward and backward stroke for faster work.