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Plastic Pipe Tools

TC4Q - Also represents all TC4Q, TC5Q and TC6Q models

Quick Release™ Tubing Cutters for Plastic Pipe

Reed Quick Release™ tubing cutters are the industry standard; most recommended by plastic pipe companies and imitated by other manufacturers.


Scissor Shears

Scissor Shears squeeze together for fast cutting of thin wall and small diameter PE, PVC, ABS, PEX, rubber, or nylon tubing.


Ratchet Shears

Ratchet shears are ideal for cutting PVC, PE, PP, PEX, ABS, and even CPVC pipe.


Plastic Pipe Saws

Plastic pipe saws cut Schedules 40 and 80 PVC, CPVC, C900, ABS, along with wood. All four models are designed to cut on both the forward and backward stroke for faster work.


Internal Pipe Cutters

Internal Pipe Cutters make it convenient to cut pipe from the inside. This is great for drain pipe, sprinkler drops, etc.

PPR150, PPR200, PPR300, PPR400

Plastic Pipe Fitting Reamers

Reuse PVC fittings after a good clean-out from a Plastic Pipe Fitting Reamer.


Solutions Kits

Kit contains items required to install a perfect joint every time, preventing failures between pipe and fitting.


PE Scraper

PE Scraper prepares PE pipe for electrofusion by removing the exterior oxidized layer and contaminates.

SFPE3/4 - also represents SFPE1

Flare Tools for PE Water Service Lines

Forms a permanent cold flare with ten easy revolutions to connect PE 160 psi water service tubing.


Deburring Tools for Plastic

Gives smooth, chamfered pipe end so solvent spreads evenly as pipe is joined.


DEB1 Series Deburring Tools for Plastic

Simultaneously deburr and chamfer three pipe sizes with this easy-grip tool.


PEX Crimpers

Reed offers the widest selection of high-quality solutions for crimping PEX copper rings or stainless steel clamps.


NEW!Cordless Power Beveler

Cordless power beveling to deburr, chamfer and bevel plastic pipe.



Beveler produces a smooth 15° bevel on all types of plastic pipe, including gasketed PVC and C900 PVC in about one minute.


NEW!Drill-Powered Chamfer Tools

Produces smooth, consistent chamfer on plastic pipe using drill power.

PLAS2 - also represents PLAS2PE

PLAS In-Line Rotary™ Cutters

PLAS In-Line Rotary™ Cutters are excellent for cutting 6” to 28” (160 - 800 mm) diameter PVC or PE pipe in the trench or above ground.

PLASOH - also represents PLASOHPE

PLAS Hand-over-Hand Rotary™ Cutters

PLAS hand-over-hand models feature attached handles which permit fast hand-turning.

HPC8 in use

Guillotine Pipe Cutters

Guillotine Pipe Cutters cut PE pipe within 1/8" of square on up to 12" medium and high-density pipe.


PE Squeeze-Off Tools

Reed offers the best designed tools for stopping flow in PE pipe, with capacities ranging from 1/2” to 8”.


Grounding Accessory

The Static Electricity Grounding Accessory (PEGR) provides a path to ground for any static charge.


Static Discharge Alarm

Be safe! Use a Static Discharge Alarm to reduce risk of static build-up.

PPJ shown with PPJVS

Plastic Pipe Joiners

With 28 to 1 leverage, it is easy for one person to join PVC pipe up to 16” gasketed or up to 12” solvent cement joints.


Universal Pipe Cutters for PE

Specially designed to cut PE from 8" - 48".