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General Pipe Working Tools


Mechanical Hot Tapping Machines

Hot tap using the DM3MECH mechanical hot tapping machine! Cut or drill into copper, steel or plastic pipe for up to 4" valves.


Tubing Benders

Reed Tubing Benders, in popular sizes, are ideal for bending soft metal tubes of copper, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.


Stud Punch

Use Reed's stud punch to cut through metal studs.


Multi-Purpose Pipe Joiner

The PJ414 allows a basic, lever-and-chain approach to joining medium and large gasketed pipe and fittings up to 14” size, including PVC, ductile iron, clay tile, cast iron soil pipe and concrete pipe.


Torpedo Level

Torpedo level has a sturdy plastic frame with magnetic base and working edges precision ground flat to sit flat.


Hack Saw

HK1228 is a high-tension style hack saw. It performs best with bi-metal blades.

BH18 Med

Bi-Metal Hack Saw Blades

Bi-metal blades have a high speed steel cutting edge and are electron-beam welded to alloy steel back, with wavy set.


Water Pump Pliers

Forged, slip joint design, for one hand operation. Pipe wrench style milled teeth, traditional 32° angle nose and zinc plating which inhibits corrosion.


Positive Grip Pliers

This combination of jaw, handle, and tongue and groove design only requires downward pressure, no squeezing, once pliers are engaged.


Threaded Rod Cutters

Get a fast, clean cut on soft steel threaded rod and eliminate the need for grinding or filing.


Dam It® Soldering Aid

Dam It® stops the dripping that cools and prevents fast soldering. Slip the tool into the copper pipe and tighten the nut to make the seal expand to dam the water.


Bi-Metal Hole Saws

Use bi-metal, variable pitch hole saws for all machinable aluminum, cast iron, PVC, mild, tool and stainless steels as well as nail embedded wood.


Pipe Wrench Pliers

90° jaws of Pipe Wrench Pliers permit reaching into tight areas and also provide up to 20% more leverage than traditional jaws. Screw and nut (rather than rivit) remove play and permit cleaning as needed.


Hole Master® Hole Cutting System

The Hole Master® hole cutting kit permits clamping onto pipe and using a drill to cut a hole in the pipe.


Self-Feed Bits

Self-Feed bits are designed especially to provide faster boring of clean, accurate holes in wood for pipe, conduit and tubing.


Ship Augers

These augers make a hole that’s true to size with cutting edges that stay sharp for easy drilling.