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Tubing Cutters


  • Large grip knob for hand comfort during use.
  • Internal reamer in T10 and T15 grip knob for operator convenience.
  • For lighter weight, T20 features aluminum construction.

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Exclusive Tool
Catalog No.Item CodeO.D. Capacity Weight Cutter Wheel [1]
Actual Inches Actual Ø mm lbs kg Copper Plastic PE Plastic PVC
T10 034831/8 - 1 3 - 25 0.9 0.4 O OP2 1 - 2PVC
T15 034853/16 - 1 1/4 4 - 32 1.3 0.6 O OP2 1 - 2PVC
T20 [2]034875/8 - 2 1/8 15 - 54 1.3 0.6 O OP2 1 - 2PVC

Ships with wheel for copper. To cut plastic pipe, order recommended cutter wheel separately.


Approved for use at AWWA Tapping Contest.

Why Reed

Tubing cutters are a simple, durable design.  Each tubing cutter has a screw feed with a large grip knob to make it easier to tighten the cutter.  T10 and T15 cutters are zinc alloy construction with a built-in reamer for convenient cutting and deburring. T20 cutter is larger but light due to its aluminum construction. T20 cutter features a fold-out reamer. Wide rollers on all three cutter models yield a square cut while thin cutter wheel profile ensures a quick, clean cut.